RKS Wave USA Rare Composite Body Radical Design Early Original £1000

D8N_7570-2 D8N_7570-3 D8N_7571 D8N_7570

This is an all original RKS Wave composite guitar designed by RKS in California in the early 2000’s. The RKS Waves were designed to be modular with wood and polymer internal structures. RKS Guitars™, was co-founded by designer Ravi Sawhney and Dave Mason formerly of Traffic. Their unique design allowed owners to buy from a line of electric guitars and basses that introduced, for the first time, the concept of interchangeable body shells and pickguards. This is one of the earlier Mark I models with the wooden headstock and chrome plated protector as opposed to the Mark II with the “Ace of Spades” shaped headstock Only 2,000 RKS guitars were ever manufactured in the United States – making this a very rare collectible item, suitable for the most avid and advanced guitar player out there. They were played by Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones amongst others!

For more information call Dave on 07895355482