GUS G3 Baritone Serial Number 002 Rare Exotica – POA

D8N_7615 D8N_7548-3 D8N_7548 D8N_7551

Anyone who knows anything about GUS Guitars will know the quality, handcrafted components and innovative thought that goes into these guitars.  Designed by Simon Farmer and motivated by his vision to build a radically different guitar well we have to say that Simon and his skilled team really went the extra mile with this one.  This is an amazing highly adaptable and versatile instrument, that more than fills the sonic gap between a guitar and a bass. It uses a 30” scale length (1 1/2” more than the G1 Baritone) which gives the instrument massive depth range and sound. Immense! For the curious and brave it is tuned A-A in standard specification (a fifth below conventional 6-string guitar), this G3 Baritone model also features a slightly wider string spacing of 12mm at the bridge and larger Hipshot Ultralite machineheads. This allows the guitar to accommodate alternative string gauges and tunings. A stunning instrument finished in Cobalt Blue with the usual GUS tubular steel chromes “horns”. A truly unique instrument.

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