1988 USA Rickenbacker 230 Hamburg Mapleglow – £750

D8N_7532-2 D8N_7532-3 D8N_7532 D8N_7534

This is a superb and increasingly rare Rickenbacker 230 Hamburg in Mapleglow. It is hard to believe that this is the ‘budget’ model in the El Dorado range because the build quality and sound is fantastic! The Mapleglow finish has taken the effects of years on the road well with some marking and ‘buckle rash’ but the finish has absorbed it well.
The bound and lacquered rosewood fretboard shows hardly any wear at all.

The pickups are the Rickenbacker passive active type, a forerunner of Lace Sensors that deliver everything from rock to a country style ‘twang’. An excellent and increasingly hard to find Rickenbacker guitar.

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