1983 USA Fender Stratocaster “Dan Smith” model with 3 Controls £1350

D8N_7565-2 D8N_7565-3 D8N_7565 D8N_7567

This is one of the really good so called “Dan Smith” era Fender Stratocaster in black. It is one of the 3 control models without the jack socket on the lower part of the pickguard. There were many less of these versions produced early in 1983 so its quite a rare bird.  All original with a largely unmarked finish. This guitar is really playable the neck feels great and the pickups are exactly as a vintage Strat should sound – clear and chiming and the sort of sound you would buy any number of expensive boutique pickups. It also has the Freeflyte tremolo and bridge.  The guitar comes with a Hiscox Stratocaster case.