1982 Fender Bullet H1 Dakota Red Maple Board USA All Original £575

D8N_7543-2 D8N_7543-3 D8N_7543 D8N_7546

This is a brilliant playable Fender guitar. If 25 years denotes a ‘vintage’ instrument then this is a vintage Fender for less than £600. You cant buy a modern strat s/h for that! What you do get here is a guitar designed by John Page later of the Fender Custom Shop with a tappable humbucker all USA Fender parts and a very playable Maple fingerboard Telecaster style neck! The necks are often identified as surplus late 1960’s and early 1970’s Telecaster necks and it certainly feels as nice to play as my other more vintage Telecaster. All in all a fantastic playable instrument with some great tones on tap at a budget price. Comes with an original Fender hardcase sized and made to fit the Bullet range.

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