1977 Musicmaster Bass Black with Rosewood Fretboard – £450

IM000414.JPG IM000417.JPG IM000420.JPG IM000425.JPG IM000410.JPG

A very nice well prented Musicmaster Bass from 1977 in Black. I have seen these listed on Ebay for as much as £800, but meanwhile back in the real world… This is a great little short scale bass very punky and suitable for post punk or ‘indie’ style of playing. It has a great ‘pop’ and ‘twang’ to its very distinctive tone.
There is some wear on the back of the neck and a couple of paint chips in the body,after all it is 30+ years old. This is however, a cracking shortscale bass and a vintage Fender for less than £500. Sorry no original case, but can send it in a generic bass case if it is travelling any great distance.

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