1972 Burns Flyte Natural All Original £950

D8N_9520-2 D8N_9520-3 D8N_9520 D8N_9522

This is a superb all original piece of 1970’s guitar design from the Burns Factory.  An amazing double flying V shape with styling based on the Concorde aircraft of the time.  Marc Bolan of T Rex fame played one as did various other 1970’s guitarists such as Dave Hill of Slade and Captain Sensible of the Damned.  No you can own one of these iconic and hard to find guitars.  The guitar is all original with its Mach 1 Humbuster Pickups!!! and “Dynamic Tension” Bridge system. It really is a 1970’s design original and perfect for the guitarist looking for something a little different for stage or studio use.  Condition wise the guitar is all original and has had a re-fret with stainless steel frets to match the aluminium neck binding – the fingerboard has been re-lacquered to assist playability and protect the board.  This is a brilliant guitar with some interesting and amazing 1970’s design features. Contact Dave on 07895355482 for more information.