1968/9 VOX AC 30 TB VSEL era Fully Serviced £1350

D8N_9567 D8N_9569 D8N_9570 D8N_9572 D8N_9573 D8N_9582-Edit

This is a marvellous VOX AC 30 model from the early part of the VSEL era so would represent the last of the hand wired AC30 Top Boost Models built in the same way using the same materials as the Dick Denny era. After this the AC30’s were produced in a number of locations with parts replaced to cut costs.  It is all original inside and has been serviced.  It sounds superbly chimey with that amazing warm overdriven edge just as you would expect a vintage AC30 TB to sound.  The cosmetics on the outer have been very carefully and sympathetically restored where appropriate.  The restorations include NOS Tolex, new piping matched to the original, a new logo and new vents.  Available for £1350 or £1800 with the original 1969 Vox Tornado pictured with it. For further information on this great amplifier contact Dave on 07895355482