1963 Fender Jazzmaster Foam Green – £POA

D8N_7536-2 D8N_7536-3 D8N_7536 D8N_7538

This is a superb Fender Jazzmaster that has been completely rebuilt by us and refinished by Clive Brown. When it came to us it was covered in matt blackboard paint and the pickguard had been drilled to take extra switches. We dubbed it the ‘Revenge of The Goths’ Jazzmaster. We sourced a lovely original 1963 4ply Tortoise Shell pickguard and Clive Brown was contacted to work his restoration and refinish magic on the body. We love this guitar and love Jazzmasters especially in this colour a perfect Roogalator for the indie guitar god or goddess or surf-tastic twangmeister!

This is a superb cool ’63 restoration piece Jazzmaster with all original neck, original neck stamp and headstock logo! The back of the neck is well played in with a soft buttery remnant of the original lacquer and the pickups sound as great as they look! A very nice guitar returned to its former glory!

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