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If like us you think Leo Fender was a genius then you will share our love of Fender Guitars old and (nearly) new! Check out our current stock!

1989 USA Fender Stratocaster “Strat Plus” in Blue Pearl Burst near mint stunning £1200

This is an all original 1989 Fender Stratocaster “Strat” Plus in a quite rare Blue Pearl Burst finish with gold lace sensor pickups. It is in near-mint all original condition with its original case and some case paperwork.  These Strat Plus guitars seem to climb in value every-time I check the market and this one […]

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1989 Fender American Standard Deluxe “Rare” Dakota Red £1100

This is something of a rare late 1980’s Stratocaster. This looks like a  Fender Strat Plus but is in fact an American Standard Deluxe with Lace Sensors. These were only made for around six months before production went over to the Strat Plus.  Its in Dakota Red and all original with case and some paperwork. […]

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1983 USA Fender Stratocaster “Dan Smith” model with 3 Controls £1350

This is one of the really good so called “Dan Smith” era Fender Stratocaster in black. It is one of the 3 control models without the jack socket on the lower part of the pickguard. There were many less of these versions produced early in 1983 so its quite a rare bird.  All original with […]

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1979 Fender Anniversary Stratocaster USA All Original £1700

This is an all original 1979 Fender Anniversary Stratocaster. This is a great example, very light and playable. It has light marking consistent with age and use but is a very good example.  The body hasn’t “bronzed” too much and is in great condition.  The (re)finish done by Fender over the original white chips easily […]

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1966 Fender Stratocaster Foam Green – Original Parts with Refin Body POA!

This is a stunning restoration by us with a refinished and aged body by Clive Brown. This is an original guitar parts wise and the body routs are intact with no extra routing or cutting.  All part are original but the body had been stripped but thankfully not varnished or repainted; the neck is all […]

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1972 Fender Telecaster Custom with Bigsby All original – £POA

A fantastic sounding 1972 Fender Telecaster Custom. Dakota Red with a maple fingerboard all original with added factory Bigsby. A Tele Custom with the Seth Lover designed Wide Range Humbucker always sound great and the Bigsby gives it added sustain. A superb 38 year old guitar in excellent condition with light fingerboard wear and some crazing and marking to the front and rear of the body.

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1982 Fender Bullet H1 Dakota Red Maple Board USA All Original £575

This is a brilliant playable Fender guitar. If 25 years denotes a ‘vintage’ instrument then this is a vintage Fender for less than £500. What you get is a guitar designed by John Page later of the Fender Custom Shop with a tappable humbucker all USA Fender parts and a very playable Maple fingerboard Telecaster style neck! The necks are often identified as surplus late 1960’s and early 1970’s Telecaster necks and it certainly feels as nice to play as my other more vintage Telecaster…

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2006 Fender Stratocaster USA Corona Custom Shop special order! Metallic Flamingo Pink – £1200

This is a superb un-played 2006 U.S.A Fender Stratocaster. It was produced as a “Special Edition” item in the Corona Custom Shop. We have contacted Fender about this guitar and they suggest that it is the Flamingo Pink paint job that would have given it its “Special Edition’ status.

It comes with its original Fender case and all case items are inside including duster, hang tags, infomation booklet, serial number card etc. The neckplate has the Corona stamp and there is a ‘Special Edition’…

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1963 Fender Jazzmaster Foam Green – £POA

This is a superb Fender Jazzmaster that has been completely rebuilt by us and refinished by Clive Brown. When it came to us it was covered in matt blackboard paint and the pickguard had been drilled to take extra switches. We dubbed it the ‘Revenge of The Goths’ Jazzmaster. We sourced a lovely original 1963 4ply Tortoise Shell pickguard and Clive Brown was contacted to work his restoration and refinish magic on the body…

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1962 Fender Jaguar Surf Green Rebuild/Refinish – £3500

This is a fantastic aged and played in rebuilt 1962 Fender Jaguar in Surf Green with a Brazilian Rosewood Fretboard and white pickguard. The neck is all original, just look at the crazing in the lacquer! The neck is an A profile and interestingly is pencil marked 12/61 so was pre produced before the Jaguar went into full production! The body has been refinished and aged by restoration maestro Clive Brown. All original pickups parts and pickguard have been sourced and the whole lot reassembled! A fantastic guitar pulled back…

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1994 U.S.A. 40th Anniversary Fender Strat, Caribbean Mist, As New! £1100

No your eyes are not deceiving you, this 1994 U.S.A 40th Anniversary Fender Stratocaster does still have the plastic protection on the pickguard and trem cover! It is finished in super rare Caribbean Mist Metallic Green and is absolutely as new….we have found one tiny ripple in the paint although this could even be a factory paint fault! It has a very playable neck with a well grained rosewood fret-board.

Superbly put together at the Corona plant weren’t all the good ones?…

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